Call for book chapters: Media and Gender Representations in Sub-Saharan Africa


Media and Gender Representations in Sub-Saharan Africa Publisher: Emerald Publishing Company


Margaret Jjuuko, Carol Azungi Dralega and Solveig Omland


The book will be published by Emerald Publishing Company and our initial discussions have been positive. Emerald’s mission is to publish new and innovative research and practical content that meets the needs of researchers, students, educators and practitioners. This rhymes well with the goal of the proposed volume.

Areas of focus to consider

Chapters of the proposed book can focus, but not limited, on the following thematic areas:

  1. Theoretical and Epistemological considerations for media’s representations of gender including notions of social inclusion, equality and equity.
  2. Gender mainstreaming in East African media institutions/newsrooms, as well as in media content. Contributions to this thematic area are expected to interrogate issues related, but not limited to the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programmes (in all areas and at all levels).
  3. Media frames and gender discourses on, for example, women’s leadership, women’s participation in development and political participation, etc.
  4. Women participation in development and how these are framed in the media
  5. Women in media leadership positions.
  6. Media women organizations – structures/struggles/success stories from critical perspectives.
  7. Issues of gender pertaining to media working environments (representation, employment issues, assignments, sexual harassment, gender policies in media/communication organisations (existence and implementation).
  8. Journalists’ safety including online safety from gender perspectives
  9. Gender in human rights e.g., activism in media and in society as a whole
  10. Analyses on the construction of gender-based violence in the media.
  11. National gender laws, their implementation and media’s interventions in interpreting them to their audiences, among other aspects.
  12. Impact of rapid technological developments on women in newsroom contexts
  13. Investigations of media and gender discourses in journalism schools: Curriculum, assessment, institutional policy and research.

Expression of interest

Every prospective contributor to this book project is expected to submit an extended abstract of not more than 500 words clearly indicating the theme under which their proposed chapter fall respectively, their brief profiles, institutional affiliations, contact information (e-mail and phone numbers, preferably WhatsApp numbers).

Willing contributors should make their submissions via electronic mail to:

Margaret Jjuuko: EMAIL:
Copy to: Carol Azungi Dralega EMAIL: and Solveig Omland EMAIL:

Time lines and deadlines for submission of abstracts

Submission of abstracts: August 20, 2023 Acceptance from editors: August 30, 2023
Other important dates
Submission of full papers: November 30, 2023 Submission of revised chapters: March 01, 2024 Final submission of full manuscript: June 30, 2024 Date of publication: July 2024