CFP: Harmony in Crisis – Critical Discussions Towards Social Justice (South Africa)

Durban University of Technology (South Africa) in association with the Journal for Media and Rights is hosting an international hybrid conference from 15-18 September 2024. The conference is entitled “Harmony in Crisis: Critical Discussions Towards Social Justice”:

The world is experiencing escalating conflict, political tensions, economic pressures, climate shocks and persistent disease outbreaks. Clark and Aufderheide succinctly argue that citizens participating in critical projects understand that they are members of a common society connected by issues ‘in which they all see themselves as having a stake’. Projects in the humanities and social sciences therefore have the potential to inspire social reformation, which in turn ‘keeps democracies democratic’ by holding those in power accountable. Creating activist projects can therefore be a ‘transformative act of communication’ in the face of social injustice (2009, 11-12).