New publications on African media

Compiled by Elva Nziza, for AJENda and

Zaini Izzuddin via Unsplash.

  1. Media and Religion in Ethiopia: A Research Report 

Authors: Mulatu Alemayehu Moges & Terje Skjerdal

This study investigates the changing dynamics of media and religion in Ethiopia since 2018, highlighting increased religious expressions in state media and the issuance of broadcasting licenses to religious organizations. It reveals ongoing challenges, including biased reporting, government wariness of religious broadcasting, and the state media’s struggle to balance secularism with the coverage of religious issues. Access the report here

  1. Communicating COVID-19 Media, Trust and Public Engagement

Editors: Monique Lewis, Eliza Govender & Kate Holland

This edited collection follows on from ‘Communicating COVID-19: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ (2021) and brings together different scholars from around the world to explore and critique the ongoing advances in communications on COVID. View the book here.

  1. Strategic Communication Management for Development and Social Change: Perspectives from the African Region

Editors: Tsietsi Mmutle, Tshepang Bright Nolale & Olebogeng Selebi

This academic collection brings together expertise from scholars throughout Africa in the fields of Strategic Communication Management and Communication for Development and Social Change. It examines the interrelation of these academic disciplines in the context of the ongoing governance and sustainability issues in African countries today. View the publication here

  1. Digital Platforms and the Global South: Reconfiguring Power Relations in the Cultural Industries

Editors: Phillippe Bouquillion, Christine Ithurbide & Tristan Mattelart

This book addresses the issues raised by digital platforms in the Global South, with an emphasis on the cultural stakes involved. Access the book here

  1. Digitisation, Al and Algorithms in African Journalism and Media Contexts

Editor: Carol Azungi

The recent book on Digitisation, AI, and Algorithms in African Journalism and Media Contexts shifts attention away from Western-centric perspectives, filling substantial knowledge voids about the present condition and impact of AI, algorithms, data-driven journalism. It delves into the consequences these technologies have on political, social, cultural aspects, market dynamics, media sustainability, and the education of journalists in Africa. Access the book here. 

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