Critical Arts

South-North Cultural and Media Studies

Publishes research exploring the relationship of culture, society and the arts through political communication, visual anthropology and cultural studies.

Aims and Scope: From its inception, Critical Arts  examined the relationship between texts and contexts, cultural formations and popular forms of expression, mainly in the Third World, but after the 1994 transition in South Africa  Critical Arts repositioned itself in the South-North  and  East-West nexus focusing on developing transdisciplinary epistemologies. Critical Arts  authors are Africans debating Africa with the rest; and the rest debating Africa and the South and with each other.  

Frequency: 6 issues per year

Peer reviewed: yes, double-blind review

Open access: yes

Languages: English

Genres: research article

Reference style: APA style

Book reviews: no

Publisher: University of JMichigan State University eJournals project:

Journal Status: Active


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