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NLA- NORHED team attending the EACA Conference in Kigali 29-31 August 2023

The 13th Annual East African Conference that was held in Kigali was a success as it brought together scholars and...

The School of Journalism and Communication, University of Rwanda to host the East African Communication Association Annual Conference Kigali, Rwanda, 29-30 August , 2023

The University of Rwanda has been accorded the second opportunity to host the 13th EACA Annual Conference 2023, under the organization of the School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) in the College of Arts and the Social Sciences (CASS). It will be held in Kigali, Rwanda from 28th to 30th, August 2023.

Official Launch of the AfroMedia Network

The Official Launch of the AfroMedia Platform took place at the EACA22 conference on the 31 of August 2022. This is an opportunity for African media research to connect.

New Book: Digital Dissidence and Social Media Censorship in Africa

Farooq A. Kperogi is delighted to announce the publication of the edited book titled /Digital Dissidence and Social Media Censorship in Africa, /which features cutting-edge scholarship on online resistance and government censorship of social media in Africa from a variety of distinguished scholars from across the continent.

Follow us on Facebook

We are happy to announce that AfroMedia Network has now a Facebook page. You can log in and follow us...

Norhed II Launching Workshop Kristiansand 7-9 June 2022

The workshop with the theme `Preparing Practitioners for a Resilient Media in Eastern Africa` is intended to build the overall...

NEW BOOK: Health Crises and Media Discourses in Sub-Saharan Africa, Dralega, C.A., Napakol, A. (eds)

Health Crises and Media Discourses in Sub-Saharan Africa is an open access book which brings together leading scholars and critical...

Linking African Media Research Communities Together

Africa has a media research tradition which goes several decades back, but there is a lack of collaboration between researchers across the continent. A new platform can aid the situation and will also make African media researchers more visible for the rest of the world.

AfroMedia Network pre-launch

We are pre-launching the Afromedia Media network on April 28 from 14.30.

AfroMedia Network and Social Media

We shall soon have presence on several different social media channels, and give you the possibility to promote yourselves and...